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About Us

For the uninitiated, the fruit paste concept dates back to the Tudor period in England and Wales, between 1485 and 1603. Fruit pastes are firm, semi-opaque preserves.

The Tudor Paste Co. premium fruit paste is a versatile fruit-based product that can be used in a variety of culinary applications. Made from high-quality fruits, including blueberries, figs, cherries, mango, rasperries, and strawberries, they complement any gourmet cheese suitable for a grazing platter, enhance the flavour of sauces and marinades, and can be heated to use as a glaze for chicken, meat or fish.

The Tudor Paste Co. premium fruit paste is a must-have product for catering and event management suppliers, party organisers and providores.

Not just another Paste...

Passion & Expertise

The Tudor Paste Co. products have been developed by talented individuals with experience, expertise and a passion for quality food.

100% natural ingredients

We are commited to producing South Australian made using seasonal and sustainable ingredients.

customer satisfaction

The Tudor Paste Co. mission is to exceed customer expectations and offer excellent customer service throughout the process.


The Tudor Paste Co. is excited to keep this culinary tradition alive, while adding a modern twist, many hundreds of years later.

Tradition Preserved

Our Story

The idea for the Tudor Paste Co. resulted from a very good friend visting on a Friday night monthly for drinks and nibbles, and after purchasing every fruit paste available on the market, we felt there was a gap for something unique.

The Tudor Paste Co. (named by a good friend in London) was officially formed in 2020 by Tracey Elliot after returning home from London and spending many hours in COVID lockdown wondering how to put her culinary experience to good use.

Having previously worked on some recipes during her recipe development course at Leiths School of Food and Wine, London she dusted them off, and fast forward three (3) years The Tudor Paste Co range was created.

I’m using the principles from the Tudor times, but bringing it forward into the 21st century!”

Tracey Elliot, FOunder

our Flavours

Fruit pastes with a twist

Flavours in our current range include The Tudor Rose, Espresso Martini, and Negroni, however the long-term objective is to produce pastes seasonally and sustainably making use of seconds fruit to produce pastes with flavours that resemble your favourite cocktails…the list is endless.

We will also introduce one-off products at special times of the year like Easter and Christmas.




Frequently Asked Questions

We only use natural sugars and no artificial preservatives are used in any of our products.

We utilise the natural pectin in the fruit, and to achieve the correct consistency pectin is added.

Our pastes will keep for up to 6 – 8 weeks, but we do recommend storing in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

None of our fruit pastes contain gluten.

All our fruit pastes are vegan.  We do not use any any animal products.

The alcohol is added for flavour to resemble a well-known cocktail, and only a small amount is used per 120g. Intensity does decrease during cooking, however there may be some residual alcohol in a limited concentration. For that reason, we do not recommend that it is consumed by children under 18 years of age and or expectant mothers.

We have procured only South Australian based wholesalers for our products.
foodie-inspired Taste SA Pavilion

A New Taste of SA

South Australian businesses, under a year old, will exhibit their delicious offerings in a new space at the Show.

‘A New Taste of SA’ will be among the 40-odd stalls within the foodie-inspired Taste SA Pavilion for the first time.

Event manager Chelsea Wilkinson said the stall was a great platform for food and beverage producers and processors to get their brand out there.

A New Taste of SA will be open from Sunday to Thursday, 9am to 7pm, and Friday and Saturday, 9am to 8pm, during the Show.